AMSE Institute

About Us

Inspired by the Creator, AMSE aims to develop Christian scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who are equipped to become global leaders in the most advanced fields. AMSE provides students who have strong logic in math and science with a K-12th grade pipeline of inspiration, instruction, and experience, in order that they might become successful innovators with the power to do a “world of good.”

The United States has advanced as a world leader, in part, through brilliant and dedicated scientists, engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. In a world that’s becoming constantly more complex, it is more important now than ever before for our young men and women to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and come up with a solution based on what they have learned. These skills are acquired by studying applied math, science, engineering, and technology—all vital components of Valley Christian Schools STEM program, the Applied Math, Science, and Engineering (AMSE) Institute. 

AMSE offers VCHS students the opportunity to specialize in applied math, science, or engineering. This program offers unique training with experienced professionals to aid our students in developing a competitive portfolio of work throughout high school. In addition to a continuation of the various after-school offerings represented at the elementary and junior high levels, VCHS AMSE students have extraordinary opportunities to enter elite competitions, participate in an International Space Station project, conduct research in our state-of-the-art Bio Safety Lab, complete advanced work in our NanoTechnology/Microscopy Lab, observe the heavens through our Schmidt-Cassagrain telescope, and much more. The curriculum for the AMSE program is designed to advance the unique interests and abilities of the individual, thus VCHS faculty members tailor each AMSE student’s schedule based on which courses and activities will best assist the student in meeting his/her personal goals.

The VCHS AMSE Program includes the following:

  • Mentoring and coaching by Learning Innovation NetworKs (LINK) members (professionals and experts in the fields of study)
  • Focused coursework during high school
  • Participation in elite competitions with guidance from faculty and LINK members
  • Monthly AMSE Professional Seminar series
  • Personalized post-high school education plan
  • Opportunities to serve as a mentor and leader to other AMSE students
  • After-school opportunities in robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics for additional hands-on experiences
  • International Space Station Project Team opportunity
  • NanoTechnology/Microscopy Lab for advanced work
  • Bio Safety Lab for research work
  • Schmidt-Cassagrain telescope for observation
  • Option for more in-depth training with an AMSE major
  • Option for a more flexible schedule with an AMSE minor

  • Elementary School 1450 Leigh Avenue
  • San Jose, CA 95125 408.559.4400
  • Junior High 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 130
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2460
  • High School 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 110
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2400
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