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Inspired by the Creator, AMSE aims to develop Christian scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who are equipped to become global leaders in the most advanced fields. AMSE provides Valley Christian students with a K-12th grade pipeline of inspiration, instruction, and experience, in order that they might become successful innovators with the power to do a “world of good.”

The United States has advanced as a world leader, in part, through brilliant and dedicated scientists, engineers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. In a world that’s becoming constantly more complex, it is more important now than ever before for our young men and women to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and come up with a solution based on what they have learned. These skills are acquired by studying applied math, science, engineering, and technology—all vital components of Valley Christian Schools STEM program, the Applied Math, Science, and Engineering (AMSE) Institute.

Under our Discover AMSE Program, curriculum at Valley Christian Elementary School is rich with opportunities for our future mathematicians, scientists, and engineers! In addition to offering engaging K-5th grade hands-on science curriculum, individualized web-based math programs, SOAR Mathematics, and Math Olympiad, Discover AMSE provides a variety of exciting after-school offerings as well. Clubs such as Robotics, LEGO, Chess, Critical Thinking, Schmahl Science, and many more allow students to pursue their particular areas of interest within AMSE and lay the foundation for success in these disciplines in junior high, high school, and beyond. 


Individualized Math Instruction
All students in K-5th grade benefit from individualized, supplemental math programs, helping them to soar in mathematics. Four web-based programs, including IXL Math, Dreambox Learning, ALEKS, and Khan Academy allow students to develop their skills at school and at home at their own pace.

SOAR Mathematics
SOAR Mathematics offers a unique, accelerated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) opportunity for qualifying fourth and fifth grade students. Selected students participate in this special course in lieu of traditional math instruction. The class meets four mornings a week. The course focuses on preparing students for the Math Olympiad competition. 


AMSE Science
AMSE Science is another exciting program that exposes VCES students to the pleasures of science through exploration and hands-on science labs. AMSE lessons capitalize on the innate curiosity of elementary students and introduce science concepts that will then be mastered at the junior high and high school levels. Through age-appropriate activities, our young scientists investigate intriguing scientific topics such as Discovering Acids and Bases, Newton’s Laws of Motion, Animal Adaptations, and Exploring Your DNA.  

Hands-on Science
Life science, physical science, and earth science units come alive as K-5th grade students engage in hands-on experiences that reinforce the concepts they are studying. This program seeks to excite students’ interest in the discipline of science through a motivating, completion-oriented approach. By capitalizing on their background knowledge, this class moves students toward a more complete understanding of science concepts while emphasizing God’s truth as it is revealed in the physical world. Sample units include the following: Genetics and DNA, States of Matter, Friction, Potential and Kinetic Energy, Egg Anatomy, and Flower Anatomy.  

K-12 Nano-education Curriculum
Elementary students have the incredible opportunity to work firsthand with the atomic force microscopes that are brought down from the Skyway campus. VCHS Science Club students regularly visit our budding scientists at VCES to showcase their work and share their excitement about this cutting-edge technology. 

After-School Programs

Chess Club

Chess Club
Our after-school chess club, offered through The Chess King, gives students another wonderful opportunity to develop the high-level critical thinking skills required for applied math, science, and engineering. 

Coding Class

Coding Class
This class will teach students the beginning steps to computer coding (programming) using Bee Bots and Scratch (MIT’s computer coding program). Math and problem solving skills will be utilized during this after-school enrichment class. 

Students who learn to code have the opportunity to become more successful in school. They will also increase their creativity, which will help them program games, animation, and other activities. 

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking
This unique after-school program helps stimulate young minds and solve real-world problems. This high-level, critical thinking program also allows students to further develop their logic and reasoning skills. 

LEGO Club (WeDo and Story Starter)

LEGO Club (WeDo and Story Starter)
The LEGO Education WeDo platform, powered by LabVIEW, redefines classroom robotics and makes it possible for primary school students ages 7 to 11 to build and program their own solutions. LEGO Education WeDo provides a hands-on learning experience that actively engages children’s creative thinking, teamwork, and problem- solving skills. The Lego Story Starter class is a hands-on way to encourage literacy and communication. Students will learn the basics of story structure as they create their visual story line using LEGOS. When students finish building, they will link the physical with the digital world by designing their own comic strip story out of their LEGO creation. 


There are a variety of exciting options for after-school involvement in VCES Robotics. the VCHS Robotics coach, brings members of the WarriorBorgs (the VCHS competitive robotics team) to the Leigh campus to work with select upper elementary students who qualify for the competitive robotics team. In the spring, we offer an after-school robotics clinic for 2nd-5th grade students. They travel to the Skyway Campus to work in the robotics lab alongside their WarriorBorg mentors. The Robotics program offers a unique summer camp experience as well. 

Schmahl Science

Schmahl Science
This after-school program provides students who love science with additional opportunities to learn about important contributors, mistakes, and triumphs in science throughout history. Students are actively involved in discovering how enjoyable science can really be. 

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  • High School 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 110
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