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Congratulations alumnus J.J. Li, VCHS Class of 2019, winner of the Cornell University Hospitality Business Plan Competition.
It's time to look ahead to the VCJH 2020-21 school year, and we want to help you and your child choose the courses and Electives that are the best fit for them!
VCHS has its first national Esports champion!
Innovative VCS students are on a quest to compete in two new XPRIZE challenges. Meet the newly announced teams!
Team Ocean Quest receives extraordinary opportunities to present at the Vatican, US Congress, Shell Oil Headquarters, and more.
The student application for the next two VCS XPRIZE teams opens today! Innovative students, apply now to join the Quest.
Join us for a night of stargazing and interactive astronomy activities at Astronomy Research Program Community Observing Night (ARP CON), Friday 11/1.
Students at Valley Christian Schools are gearing up for the next XPRIZE, leading student teams around the world in an international alliance.
Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE Foundation will be joining us, this Friday, for the reveal of Valley Christian Schools' next XPRIZE challenge! Register for this great event NOW at to reserve your spot!
Students take a look at a herring - studying it both externally and internally!
Science just keeps getting more interesting...and more fun!!
Varsha Ramachandran just won the Palm Springs Open Invitational Golf championship!
Augmented Reality takes center stage in the seventh grade classroom!
Congratulations Team H2Go from Valley Christian High School, who won $25,000 in the World Vision Social Innovation Water Challenge.
Watch KPIX 5 news coverage of Team Ocean Quest.
Announcing the AMSE Honors Fellows for the 2019/20 school year!
VCHS students launch customized science experiments to the International Space Station.
Congratulations to our VCHS Math Team who placed first in the Math League National Championships on May 18, 2019, held at the University of Missouri.
Congratulations VCHS DECA! Of the 33 DECA students competing at ICDC, 11 moved to the final round and 2 student teams placed first in their events!
Rain, hail, and sunshine make for some great lessons about growing, getting an abundant harvest, and being a big blessing to the Community!
Congratulations to VCHS students Cathy Chang & Sheryl Hsu whose new business concept qualifies them for the next level of two impressive challenges.
Students from Ocean Discovery traveled to Puerto Rico for the $1 Million NOAA Bonus Prize round of the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition.
Seventh grade Life Science students had the opportunity to dissect a frog this week.
Mr. Howell Ivy was recently invited by the Smithsonian Institute to honor a select group of "Who's Who" in the video game industry.
A documentary following our JH & HS students in international competition has won Impact DOCS "Award of Excellence". Read the official press release.
Congratulations to the Advanced Data Analysis students who earned the honor for Valley Christian High School as the "Best Overall High School in the Nation" – two years in a row – by the American Statistical Association.
Seattle, WA – November 8th, 2018 – San Jose's Valley Christian High has some of the best high-school mathematicians in the country, as demonstrated
The Applied Math, Science, and Engineering (AMSE) Institute and the Conservatory of the Arts are excited to announce that both programs will be
  • Elementary School 1450 Leigh Avenue
  • San Jose, CA 95125 408.559.4400 FAX: 408.559.4022
  • Junior High 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 130
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2460 FAX: 408.513.2472
  • High School 100 Skyway Drive, Ste. 110
  • San Jose, CA 95111 408.513.2400 FAX: 408.513.2527
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