"Wonder Woofs" Visit Valley Christian
Posted 08/21/2013 09:00PM

On August 20, Ranger and Sparks greeted Valley Christian High School students during school lunchtime. These friendly golden retrievers are one part of VCS’ commitment to enforce a zero tolerance substance abuse policy. These drug-detecting canines are contracted through a non-profit organization called “ Wonder Woofs” and will be visiting the campus periodically throughout the year.

Although VCS students have a relatively infinitesimal substance abuse problem, abuse by even one student is perceived as a serious problem and we are not blind to the broad abuses in our society.

Valley Christian Schools has a very low instance of substance abuse among our students because:

  • The school emphasizes Christian values that teach every student that their body is a temple of God and the vast majority of VCS students have an intrinsic desire to do what is right.
  • Parents agree through the enrollment contract, and students agree through the student handbook, that they are to be held accountable for substance abuse both on and off of campus. Most schools only hold students accountable for behavior on campus. VCS students are tested with parent permission when students, parents or others report suspected drug abuse. This mandatory program has been in force for nearly 20 years.

We are fortunate to have garnered interest in this proactive new program by the San Jose Mercury News and KTVU Channel 2 with more news coverage to come. This great coverage sends the strong message that Valley Christian cares enough to help those few students whose physical bodies occasionally grow faster than their wisdom to make right choices.

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