Howell Ivy, Video Game Pioneer
Posted 02/07/2019 01:48PM
Mr. Howell Ivy, Lead Architect for the AMSE Institute's Research & Development Department, was recently invited by the Smithsonian Institute to honor a select group of "Who's Who" in the video game industry. The Smithsonian launched the Video Game Pioneers Initiative in 2017, a project to document and preserve the legacy of video game pioneers.

While at the Smithsonian, Mr. Ivy gave an oral history of his experience in the gaming industry. Eventually, this interview, along with the other collected materials from the Video Game Pioneers Initiative, will be part of an exhibit in the National Museum of American History and other technology and game focused museums and archives.

Mr. Ivy has an extensive background in gaming. After he served in the US Air Force as a Missile Instrumentation Specialist and Technical Instructor, he started his career by designing a video game in the bedroom of his apartment. The game was sold to Ramteck, Inc., where he was offered a job to design games exclusively for them. After three years at Ramteck, Mr. Ivy branched out with two partners to found Exidy, Inc. This company grew from a three-person startup to hundreds of employees generating over 25 million dollars in sales per year. In 1986, Mr. Ivy sold his interest in Exidy and became the President and Deputy CEO for Sega Enterprises.

When asked about his recent experience at the Smithsonian, he replied: "It was such an honor to be part of the creation and development of the gaming industry and to be recorded for future generations to learn and be inspired by the efforts of many people that made an industry happen."

We are privileged to have him mentor our Valley Christian students.

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